Why Natural or Organic?

With so many chemicals now used in the production and creation of clothing, skincare and even our food, it is time to start going back to what nature intended, and enjoying beautifully made products that are organic or natural. In particular this is especially important for babies whose bodies are growing and whose skin is new and delicate. Products that are made from organic materials not only benefit your own health, but also benefit the health of farmers and our planet. By using organic and natural products you can minimize the intake of synthetic chemicals which can affect the bodies natural systems and lessen the chances of developing allergies. Also by buying organic and natural products you are supporting better environmental processes which is beneficial for both farmers and the planet. 

Are all the products from Button & Thread Organics made from organic or natural materials?

We take great care in selecting our products. Our range comprises of toys, skincare and clothing that are made from organic and natural materials. Some products are made from organic materials such as organic cotton or organic aloe vera, while others are made from natural products such as natural rubber and almond oil. We list all ingredients of our skincare range and will inform you of the composition of our clothing and toys. In rare cases some of our toy range may be strengthened with polyester (for example the organic cotton will be strengthened with a polyester backing to make it machine washable), but this will always be stated in the description and we have included these few exceptions as we believe the benefit of the toys (such as the use of a no-dye organic cotton exterior) outweigh the use of polyester in these cases.

What does certified organic mean?

You may notice that some ingredients and materials are listed as certified organic. This means that these products have used ingredients or materials that meet the stringent processing requirements of organisaitons such as Certified Organic Australia.

Why aren't all your products certified organic?

Although we would like all our products to be certified organic, this sometimes is just not possible. We have included non-certified organic products in our range as these products possess other fantastic qualities for example, are eczema friendly. There are some great products that are natural and chemical-free that are not certified and we feel it is important to let our customers choose from a great selection of natural and organic products that are both certified and non-certified. We have therefore included giftboxes that contain completely certified organic products and others that contain a range of amazing natural and non-certified organic products. If you would like to change an item in a giftbox to make it completely certified organic just contact us and we can let you know of the other options available.

I like a product that is in another giftbox, can I add it or change it with an item in the giftbox I want to order?

Of course! If you would like to mix and match and create a giftbox with different items just contact us, let us know the items you want and we can send you a personalised no obligation quote.

How do I let you know the size of clothing I would like?

Please take note of the available sizes in the description and let us know when you checkout in the comments section what size you would like.

I have changed my mind, can I get a refund?

We do not accept refunds for change of mind. If something is broken or the wrong size we are more than happy to replace the item but return postage must be paid by the buyer. Of course though, if anything is wrong please contact us by phone or email and we will do our best to rectify the problem as soon as possible - we want you and baby to be happy!