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Why on Earth Organic?

So who are we and why on Earth organic?

My name is Louise, I am the founder of Button & Thread Organics and I have worked mostly as a graphic designer. I now work in community engagement but I wanted to do something in my spare time that would help others and the environment. I came up with the idea of Button & thread Organics, a business with the aim to introduce as many mothers (and fathers) as possible to organic and natural alternatives for their baby, while also using products that are friendly to the environment.

An odd transition? Yes, definitely, so let me explain to you how I got here.

Over the last 5 years I have switched, where I can, to more natural alternatives in my daily life. It started with make-up, which was originally because I had skin problems and I read that using natural make-up could help clear my skin – which it did. I saw an immediate difference using a foundation that was made with natural and organic ingredients and have never looked back. From there I have switched many foods and drinks to natural and organic alternatives. For example, I have switched sports drinks for coconut water, packaged snacks for natural nuts, veggies and fruits and get my pre-made foods like soups (as we all have those time-poor days) from the fridge section where there is less chance of preservatives being used. I also try and stay away from processed foods, and I am feeling much better for it. In the last year I switched to organic cotton sheets and pjs, and get fantastic nights sleep. I have become an organic convert, and although it makes me feel and look better, that is not the only reason why I have converted.

I grew up on a farm and being in nature has been a large part of my life. The farm I grew up on was not technically a ‘traditional farm’ but rather a hobby farm, where we had pet cows, sheep, chooks, dogs and cats. I spent many days down at the creek and in the paddocks enjoying the fresh air and open space. Like many, I love the outdoors and the natural beauty of this planet and it saddens me to see it becoming polluted, and the pace at which it is becoming polluted is frightening. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of the most terrifying consequences of our over consumption of goods for me, and that is the second reason for why I have started my journey on the natural and organic path.

I would like to say here that I am in no ways near perfect. Although I try, sometimes I am tired, sometimes I forget my re-usable shopping bag, and sometimes there are no alternatives for me to buy the products I want in a more eco-friendly packaging. But what I am trying to do everyday is lessen my purchases that include plastics, reuse what can be reused and start buying smarter. I have started to buy things that are more expensive but last a lot longer. I try and stay away from small plastic items, whether for decorations, toys or promotional material, I just think that they are unnecessarily adding to the problem. I try and go for purchases that use natural ingredients and materials, as these will not only last a lot longer if properly cared for, but will also decompose a lot faster in the end stage of the product’s life cycle. I try to do all this because in the end I want a world that is as beautiful as it was when I grew up for my future children, and their children. And that’s where Button & Thread Organics comes in.

What better place to start living organic than from the very start! Button & Thread Organics is all about sourcing organic and natural baby products and putting them into a beautiful gift box so that you, or your friend/family member can experience the quality organic alternatives that are out there. From amazingly soft organic cotton to gentle organic skin care, our gift boxes showcase some of the best the organic baby world has to offer and are delivered straight to your door. I hope that through these gift boxes I can convert as many people as I can to use more organic, natural and environmentally friendly alternatives, and this in turn will pass onto the next generation – because when you start thinking about it we often use many of the brands and products our parents used when we were growing up.

Sure there are products out there that are not organic but have their place in our lives and are still perfectly safe to use, but my philosophy is – why add to something if it works perfectly fine on its own? The less we change things the easier it will be for those things to decompose back into nature when they are no longer needed – and our planet stays beautiful.

So thank you for visiting, and be sure to come back for my next post about why I feel so strongly about using natural and organic products – especially when they go in your mouth or on your skin!

Until then, live healthy, buy smartly,

Louise xx


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